About Gary


Healthy Masculinity Specialist | Speaker | Author


I wrote my first book, “Loyalty” while serving a 15 year prison sentence. No one, especially me, believed that I would be a writer. How could I? I failed the eighth grade, went to summer school, then failed the ninth grade twice before dropping out of high school.

After serving five years I petitioned my family to chip in and help me get a typewriter. Why? Because after 20 years of writing music I believed that this skill-set would serve me well as an author. So my cousin got the family together and they chipped in and sent me $365 (thank you!)

I purchased my typewriter and made it the center of attraction in my cell. My locker stood about four feet tall and was positioned against the wall. I then covered my locker with a fresh white towel, and placed my typewriter on top of it. I then printed out quotes on card stock and positioned them around my typewriter as a reminder of my dreams and reinforcer of my greatness. Every day I worked on my first book and every night I envisioned myself as a writer.  

No one believed… but I did.

No one saw the blood sweat and tears… but God did.

No one saw the person I would become… but now he’s here.